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Baking and Sweet Recipes 

Mouth-watering recipes for baked goods including confectionary, cakes, sweets (candy), koeksisters, vetkoek, melktert, and tameletjie. Although breads and many desserts are baked they are not included here, we have put them in their own categories.

In humid climates, you will need to protect your baked goods from the moisture in the air - rather than going stiff when stale, they will become mushy and lose their crispness. Keep cookies in ziplock bags until needed.

Premade sandwiches that are designed to be microwaved are specially formulated not to be ruined by the microwave oven. Regular pastries do not do well being reheated in a microwave - they become soggy and/or stiff and chewy. If you want to reheat a pastry item, an oven on warm will do less damage, but watch it carefully - it can quickly dry out.

Assortment of Cakes 

Cake recipes are an integral part of celebrations and the simple appearance of one can make any day special. There are many varieties to choose from, including layer, sheet, or cupcake styles with flavours ranging from the richest chocolate to creamy vanilla to fun fruity blends. The many decorative accents can make them a work of art. The very best cakes offer something special, whether it’s a favorite flavour, an acknowledgement of a holiday or accomplishment, or a beautiful centerpiece that is also a lovely treat.

    While cake recipes may initially seem easy to create, there are several tricks clever bakers should be aware of before attempting them.
  1. Follow the recipe carefully. Many cakes rely on specific textures for their best taste and texture is easily affected by over-beating, over- or under-baking, or changing the sizes of the appropriate pans.

  2. Make appropriate adjustments for high altitude locations, different size pans, or alternative ingredients. The recommended adjustments have been formulated to keep the taste and texture identical to the ideal baking conditions and should always be followed for the best result.

  3. Cool the cake completely before frosting. Frosting can melt when warmed, making it more difficult to adhere and especially problematic for fine icing details.

  4. Freeze unfrosted cakes for longer storage. If wrapped thoroughly and frozen promptly, it can last for several weeks. Frosted ones can also be frozen if necessary, but freeze prior to wrapping to avoid damaging the icing.

  5. Pay careful attention to appearance. Cakes are very visual foods that are often created as elaborate centerpieces for holidays or special occasions. No matter how delicious they are, a sloppy, unkempt appearance can spoil it.

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