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South Africa's premier food directory, eJozi's RecipeBook, publishes an illustrated collection of recipes & food articles from experts around the world including traditional, indigenous, Afrikaans, and Cape Malay recipes from South Africa.

Steak and Kidney Pie
Offal Recipes

Steak and Kidney Pie is a favourite at many cafés and supermarkets throughout the country but this easy to make recipe will convince you that homemade is way…

Flavourings and Sweeteners

Vinegar is the acid/sour liquid obtained from various fruits and grains after alcoholic and acetous fermentation takes place. The process is usually contro…

Glossary terms – "V"

The classic vinaigrette or French dressing is a subtle mixture of good quality olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. To this basic mixture is sometime…

Terms - Chakalaka to Cumin
South African Cuisine

Chakalaka to Cumin - Descriptions and photographs where available of South African culinary terms and ingredients. cardamom, cassia, chakalaka, chillies…

Resepte in Afrikaans

Eksotiese speserye van regoor die wêreld is deesdae tot ons beskikking – tog beteken die beskikbaarheid daarvan maar min as jy nie weet hoe om dit te gebru…

Suurvy Konfyt
Preserve and Jam Recipes

Inside the fruit of the suurvy the sour pulp is slimy and contains shiny brown seeds. As kids growing up in the Western Cape of South Africa, we used to bite…

Glossary terms – "U"

Umqombothi from the Xhosa language, is a beer made from mealiemeal, crushed mealie malt (corn malt), crushed sorghum malt and warm water. It is commonly…

Vegetables and Fungi

The hundreds of tomato cultivars vary in colour, size, shape, skin thickness, flesh density, pip size, juiciness and balance of sweetness to acidity. While…

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  • Ons het ook nie ons Afrikaans sprekendes vergeet nie, daar is 'n seksie vir resepte in Afrikaans.

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