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Appetiser Recipes 

Appetisers, also called appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, antipasti, or starters function as an appetite stimulant. Since they are the first foods to be tasted, their flavour is often appropriately matched to the flavours of the main dish. These tasty little morsels of food can be as simple as a slice of mild cheese with a cracker to a expensive gourmet crayfish pâté.

Whether your appetiser recipes are cooked or simply assembled, it's important to keep in mind the overall scheme of the entire meal. For example, if you are serving a non-fish main dish, an appetiser containing salmon would make a great complimentary first course. Similarly, oysters would complement a main course comprised of beef quite dynamically.

In addition to flavour, texture is a factor in your appetiser selection as well. If a stew is being served for the main course, an appetiser with a little more crunch will accompany it much better than a soup. You can never go wrong with a simple homemade dish of roasted peanuts.

Following the menu plans available in many cookbooks is a beneficial way to put a three and four course meal together. Since time is often a factor when preparing your appetiser recipes, keep in mind the extent of preparation and work that goes into it.

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