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Fruit Recipes 

Many types of fruit can be combined with meat and vegetables to create fun dishes, or fruit can be its own side dish. Some of the most popular fruits to include with meals are: apples, apricots, oranges, berries, grapes, bananas, prunes, and melons. From fruit salads and sauces to fritters, fruit can be a delicious part of a full meal in many ways.

While fruit may be readily available and easy to prepare, cooks need to remember basic handling tips to be sure the fruit has the greatest impact on the side dish.

  • When using different types of fruit in a side dish:
  • Use fresh fruit whenever possible, unless frozen or canned fruit is specifically called for in the recipe.

  • Choose seasonal fruits for the best flavour and lowest prices.

  • Prepare fruit just before use – slicing, mashing, or otherwise manipulating the fruit too soon could result in discolouration or early fermentation.

  • Use fruit as a natural sweetener to avoid adding excess sugar to recipes.

  • Reserve whole pieces of fruit to garnish finished dishes.

  • Use older fruits as a purée or coulis to garnish plates and serving dishes to avoid waste.

Different varieties create sweet, attractive fruit side dish recipes that make tasty alternatives to traditional vegetable servings. With careful preparation and presentation, even the most finicky eaters will be impressed with these unique dishes, making mealtime an opportunity for healthy eating and delicious new treats.

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