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Beverage Recipes 

Delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage recipes including lemonade, ginger beer, Van der Hum, smoothies, juices, and even coffee and tea add more than just flavour; they add another dimension to any meal or snack.

Smoothies and shakes are quite simple to make if you have a blender. The basic smoothie recipe is to take fresh or frozen fruit, add fruit juice or water, ice cubes, and blend away until the smoothie is the consistency you like. A shake is similar but with dairy products added, like ice cream or milk. Again, blend to the consistency you like.

There are literally thousands of alcoholic drinks that are perfect for entertaining at the holidays or any time of the year. Choose unusual ingredients for your next drink recipes, like cranberry juice instead of orange juice or a new syrup like pomegranate. Mixing fantastic drinks doesn’t have to be complicated: most drinks are simply ice, liquor, and a variety of mixers, like juice, soda, or water. Blend them and you’ll have your own favorite drink!

  1. Try freezing leftover tea or coffee in ice cube trays and then add the frozen cubes to your drink. No more watery iced tea or coffee!

  2. Store your glasses in the freezer if you want icy-cold cocktails and drinks at your next party.

  3. Serving hot drinks at a party? Serve them out of your slow cooker! Mix up the cocoa, mulled wine, or other drinks, pour them into your slow cooker, and keep it on the low setting throughout the party. Guests can serve themselves if you put a large ladle in the pot.

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