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Food KnowledgeBase 

Food and cookery terms and techniques that are invaluable in anyone's kitchen. Using slides and text, our Food KnowledgeBase provides resources, information, hints and tips on cookery and preparation techniques, processes and methods.

Cooking is the art or practice of preparing food for eating. It encompasses a vast range of methods, tools and combinations of ingredients for preparing any food item. To be a good cook requires some special skills that help in improving flavour and digestibility of food. Cooking also requires special skills in combining different ingredients with proper measurement.

There are times when we want to prepare a special meal, but we might not necessarily be considered a gourmet chef. Even if you are used to popping a quick frozen dinner into the microwave, with a little cooking advice you can make homemade meals at home that the whole family can enjoy. The process of cooking is not as complex as it might seem, and good, wholesome meals can be cooked without a whole lot of mess or fuss.

If you are just getting your feet wet in the wonderful world of cooking or if you already know what you're doing and want to pick up some new tricks of the trade we have great tips and advice here to help you out. Whether you want to stir fry, boil, poach or grill we have ideas for you featuring all of these cooking techniques and more.

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