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Most suring (Oxalis species), also spelt suuring, are indigenous to the West Coast of South Africa.

Usually the first flower to announce spring. Easily grown from a small tuber/bulb + 8 mm in length and 5 mm in diameter. They grow mostly in open sandy flats and have long leaf stems.

Its name is derived from its sour tasting stem. The leaves and flowers are edible with a distinct sour taste. Used as a herb to flavour stews, notably, waterblommetjie bredie, surings must be washed and cleaned before using. The stem can also be juiced and then used in cooking or as part of a beverage.

Family Genus South Africa Elsewhere
Oxalidaceae Oxalis Suring
Cape Sorrel
African Wood-sorrel
Bermuda Sorrel
Buttercup Oxalis
English Weed
Sour Saps

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