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Food and Cookery Terms

Welcome, we have 1,000's of different entries, including terms and words unique to South Africa, that will help you demystify all the culinary terms and cooking speak that form such an important part of food and cookery.

The language of South African english cuisine is unusual in that it uses many words of foreign or ethnic origin, often in their original spelling. The purpose of this glossary is to give short definitions of these words so that all cooks, professional or amateur, South African, or international, may quickly determine the meaning. Classic dishes, ingredients, cooking processes, cooking implements and equipment, descriptions of function and details of service are included as well as scientific, botanical, medical, technological, hygienic and nutritional terms. Drinks, wines and spirits are not included except where they are used as flavourings in food and food preparation.

South African Terms

South African Terms

South Africa is home to myriad ethnic and racial groups, many of them migrant communities, all of whom have contributed to the country's rich cultural mix. The resultant kaleidoscope - the famous "rainbow" - applies not only to the people but to the food, for one finds in South Africa the most extraordinary range of cuisines.

The glossary represents ethnic dishes of particular groups, many since adopted by other groups and no longer the preserve of the group of origin. The list is far from exhaustive, representing only a sample of the full South African menu.