Smoked Snoek Pâté

Smoked Snoek Pâté 

Pâté is simply a mixture of ground seafood, meat or vegetables, and often a combination of several different base ingredients. Smoked snoek pâté is a delicious candidate for pâté.

Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Total Time:
Serves: 8
  1. Beat the butter in a mixing bowl until creamy

  2. Add the mustards and beat to mix well

  3. Add the brandy and beat well

  4. Add the flaked snoek and mix well to combine thoroughly

  5. Season and pack into earthenware jars. Chill until firm

  6. Serve with biscuits, melba toast or wholewheat bread.

  1. The pâté will keep for about 1 week, refrigerated.

  2. Although yellow margarine may be used, pâté made with butter will be firmer and have a better flavour.

  3. It is easy to make larger quantities of this pâté if you are feeding a crowd; simply ensure that the quantity of snoek is double that of the butter. Adjust the quantity of brandy to taste.

Category: Appetisers

Cuisine: South African

Sub-Category: Seafood