Ginger Grater

Ginger Grater 

The ginger grater is a useful kitchen utensil that makes the job of removing small amounts of flesh from the ginger root a quick and easy task. Armed with small prongs that are capable of cutting into the flesh of the root, ginger graters work well with any type of ginger root, even if the surface is unusually shaped.

Constructed of stainless steel or porcelain, the ginger grater is a small kitchen utensil. Manufactured with an eye to use with one hand, the grater features a handle that makes it possible to easily hold the device in place during use. Attached to the handle is a small plate that is riddled with the sharp prongs that allow the ginger grater to bite into the flesh of the root. The porcelain grater has rows of raised cutting heads that have sharp points formed into the porcelain plate that do the grating as the ginger is moved across the plate.

How to Use

Just about any kitchen store will feature selections of both the stainless steel and the porcelain models of the ginger grater. Some kitchen departments at finer department stores are also likely to carry at least one or two types of the ginger grater. While the ginger grater is generally more expensive than a standard grater, the resulting texture is often ideal for many different types of cuisine, making the ginger grater well worth the extra money.

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