Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum, also anìs (stressed on the second syllable) and anise) has small sage green to yellow ochre crescent-shaped seeds similar to caraway in appearance, with a distinct sweet though not overpowering liquorice flavour. Aniseed is native to the Middle East and is widely cultivated in temperate regions of northern Africa, Greece, southern Russia, Malta, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Central America.

Aniseed is best purchased whole, as the ground powder quickly loses its flavour.
Whole aniseed keeps up to 3 years. Dry-roast aniseed to heighten their aroma and make them brittle and easy to crush. Store ground aniseed in a clean, dry jar and use within 6 months.
Culinary Use
Serving Suggestions
Food Affinities
  • almonds

  • apricots

  • black pepper

  • butter

  • eggs

  • figs

  • honey

  • lemon zest

  • orange zest

  • peaches

  • sugar

  • walnuts

  • vanilla

Category: Spices and Herbs

Sub Category: Spice