Smoorvis (Braised fish) 

Smoorvis (Braised fish) is a dish of Malay origin made with salted fish, usually snoek, as well as onions, tomatoes, red chillies and potatoes.

Salting fish was a way of preserving them before the days of refrigeration. When caught the fish were “vlekked”, then liberally sprinkled with coarse salt and left to dry in the open. Before cooking, the dried fish is soaked in several changes of fresh water to remove the salt, then skinned, boned and flaked.

To make smoorvis in the traditional manner, the sliced onions and potato are braised in oil, then the chilli and tomato are added to the mixture which is simmered until thick. The flaked fish is then added and braised until brown. Smoorvis is generally eaten with rice.


Category: South African Cuisine

Subcategory: Cape Malay